Super Soldier Protocol

Are you ready to shed fat while retaining muscle at the most efficient rate possible?

Are you ready to understand how easy it can be to follow a sustainable nutrition paradigm?

Are you ready for a training modality that includes all the most important variables to induce growth?

Are you ready to understand what supplements can be used in order to facilitate muscle retention, increase fat oxidation, and improve overall health and wellness?


Within the Protocol this is contained -

2 four-week training phases, dubbed "The Shield" and "Stars and Stripes".

The first four weeks focuses on some basic periodization, emphasizing mechanical tension and progressive overload as the stimulus for growth response.

The second phase of training will shift the focus towards metabolic stress using two types of Accumulative Volume Training protocols.

A nutritional template to improve recovery, keep muscle retention high, improve health and wellness, and increase fat oxidation.

A conditioning template to supplement dietary fat loss, improve recovery through restorative means, and improve recovery time within weight training sessions.

A focus on recovery overall from training to life stress, as these cannot truly be separated and are often not addressed as a whole. Some mental approaches to dealing with life stress and the development of a positive mindset even when life is kicking you in the balls.

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